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As we all know that every woman wants to look beautiful as well as deserve the Red Carpet Look once in the lifetime. You may come here to prepare for any special occasion like the holiday party, prom, or that imperative photo shoot. Here you will be treated with the best types of equipment as to flawless airbrush makeup, and beautiful eye makeup also Smokey or natural, great blush, lips as well as the fabulous personality eyelashes. You may here skillfully change your look as well as the character into the preferred character or look within a chosen timeframe. This is the best place to enhance the physical features of the person as well as able to create a flawless look. There are various professional as well as the well-recognized make-up artists can able to serve as columnist and editors for the beauty as well as the style magazines.

Airbrush Engagement/ Bridal/ Reception Makeup 40,000.00
Chanel Airbrush 25,000.00
Chanel 22,000.00
Mac Airbrush 20,000.00
Mac 17,000.00
Chanel Airbrush Party Makeup 12,000.00
Chanel Party Makeup 11,000.00
Mac Airbrush Party Makeup 10,000.00
Mac Party Makeup 9,000.00
Kryolan Airbrush Party Makeup 8,000.00
Kryolan Party Makeup 7,000.00
Extra Light MAC Makeup 5,500.00
Extra Light Kryolan Makeup 3,500.00
False Eyelash Application(Heavy) 1,000.00
False Eyelash Application(Light) 500.00
Eye Lenses (per-pair) 500.00
Outstation Packages 65,000.00 3 Day outstation - 3 Bridal Makeup + 3 Party Makeup( All MAC)
Outstation Packages 50,000.00 2 Day outstation - 2 Bridal Makeup + 2 Party Makeup (All MAC)
Outstation Packages 35,000.00 1 Bridal Makeup + 1 Party Makeup Both MAC
Any Upgrades 7,000.00 Bridal Chanel Airbrush
Venue Packages 7,000.00 20-25 KM
Any Upgrades 5,000.00 Bridal Chanel
Venue Packages 5,000.00 15 - 20 KM
Any Upgrades 4,000.00 Any Additional Party Mac Makeup
Venue Packages 4,000.00 10 - 15 KM
Any Upgrades 3,000.00 Party Chanel Airbrush
Any Upgrades 3,000.00 Bridal Mac Airbrush
Venue Packages 3,000.00 0 - 10 KM
Any Upgrades 2,000.00 Party Chanel
Any Upgrades 1,000.00 Party Mac Airbrush
Waiting Charges 300.00 Per Hour
Airbrush Engagement /Bridal/Reception 30,000.00

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