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You may able to get the perfect professionals in the hair cutting, hair coloring as well as styling hair in order to improve or preserve a person's beautiful look. Hairdressers are also called to as hairstylists. Hairdressing is a good reputation as well as the well-established career that is good-looking to many people because of the high insist and elasticity of the operations.

A hair stylist will naturally address all the things connected to the look, styling, as well as the groom of hair on the skull. Here we listen to the customer first, as well as make sure that they have an apparent perceptive and expectation of the preferred results. Hairdressers will frequently refer to the photograph as well as the pictures in attractiveness and style magazine to imagine the look preferred by the client. They must carry on with their preparation as well as the education in order to be capable to provide the clients the latest style or haircut.

Straightening/ Hot Roller 550.00 Short
Straightening/ Hot Roller 700.00 Medium
Straightening/ Hot Roller 900.00 Long
Simple Bun 600.00 Short
Simple Bun 650.00 Medium
Simple Bun 700.00 Long
Blow Dry / Soft Curls 600.00 Short
Blow Dry / Soft Curls 750.00 Medium
Blow Dry / Soft Curls 900.00 Long
Messy Bun 700.00 Short
Messy Bun 900.00 Medium
Messy Bun 1,100.00 Long
Curling 700.00 Short
Curling 900.00 Medium
Curling 1,100.00 Long
Braided Hairstyles 700.00 Short
Braided Hairstyles 900.00 Medium
Braided Hairstyles 1,100.00 Long
Rose Bun/ Braid 1,000.00 Short
Rose Bun/ Braid 1,300.00 Medium
Rose Bun/ Braid 1,600.00 Long
Crimping / Beach Waves 600.00 Short
Crimping / Beach Waves 700.00 Medium
Crimping / Beach Waves 800.00 Long
Pakistani Hair do 1,200.00 Short
Pakistani Hair do 1,500.00 Medium
Pakistani Hair do 2,000.00 Long
Kid's Hair Cut 400.00
Trim 500.00
Split End Removal 400.00
Change Of Style 700.00
Fringes 300.00
Shampoo 150.00 Wella
Shampoo 100.00 Loreal
Shampoo 150.00 Schwarzkopf
Shampoo 200.00 Bed Head
Conditioner 200.00 Wella
Conditioner 150.00 Loreal
Conditioner 200.00 Schwarzkopf
Conditioner 250.00 Bed Head
Masque 250.00 Wella
Masque 200.00 Loreal
Masque 250.00 Schwarzkopf
Masque 300.00 Bed Head
Shampoo 200.00 MOROCCON OIL/ Biotop
Conditioner 250.00 MOROCCON OIL/ Biotop
Masque 300.00 MOROCCON OIL/ Biotop
Shampoo 350.00 Keratina/Cycteine Wash
Conditioner 400.00 Keratina/Cycteine Wash
Masque 450.00 Keratina/Cycteine Wash
Head Massage 600.00
Deep Conditioning (Regular) 700.00
Deep Conditioning (Moroccan Oil) 900.00
Moroccan Oil 4,000.00 Extra Long
Moroccan Oil 2,500.00 Short
Moroccan Oil 3,000.00 Medium
Wella 3,000.00 Extra Long
Wella 2,000.00 Short
Wella 2,200.00 Medium
Loreal 2,200.00 Extra Long
Loreal 1,500.00 Short
Loreal 1,800.00 Medium
Schwarzkopf 2,500.00 Extra Long
Schwarzkopf 1,800.00 Short
Schwarzkopf 2,000.00 Medium
Moroccan Oil 3,500.00 Long
Wella 2,500.00 Long
Loreal 2,000.00 Long
Schwarzkopf 2,200.00 Long
Reviver/Ikonic/Amazon 4,000.00 Extra Long
Reviver/Ikonic/Amazon 2,500.00 Short
Reviver/Ikonic/Amazon 3,000.00 Medium
Reviver/Ikonic/Amazon 3,500.00 Long
Biotop Quinoa Treatment 4,000.00 Extra Long
Biotop Quinoa Treatment 2,500.00 Short
Biotop Quinoa Treatment 3,000.00 Medium
Biotop Quinoa Treatment 3,500.00 Long
Biotop Keratine Treatment 4,000.00 Extra Long
Biotop Keratine Treatment 2,500.00 Short
Biotop Keratine Treatment 3,000.00 Medium
Biotop Keratine Treatment 3,500.00 Long
Biotop Shedding Treatment 4,500.00 Extra Long
Biotop Shedding Treatment 3,000.00 Short
Biotop Shedding Treatment 3,500.00 Medium
Biotop Shedding Treatment 4,000.00 Long
Anti-Dandruff 1,500.00 Short
Anti-Dandruff 2,000.00 Medium
Anti-Dandruff 2,500.00 Long
Anti-Hair fall 1,500.00 Short
Anti-Hair fall 2,000.00 Medium
Anti-Hair fall 2,500.00 Long
Repair (TIGI) 1,800.00 Short
Repair (TIGI) 2,000.00 Medium
Repair (TIGI) 2,200.00 Long
Moroccan Oil Lite 2,000.00 Short
Moroccan Oil Lite 2,200.00 Medium
Moroccan Oil Lite 2,500.00 Long
Absolute Repair 2,000.00 Short
Absolute Repair 2,500.00 Medium
Absolute Repair 3,000.00 Long
Cysteine 7,000.00 Short
Cysteine 9,000.00 Medium
Cysteine 11,000.00 Long
Keratine 5,000.00 Short
Keratine 7,000.00 Medium
Keratine 9,000.00 Long
Kera Smooth 9,000.00 Short
Kera Smooth 11,000.00 Medium
Kera Smooth 13,000.00 Long
Anti-Dandruff 2,700.00 Extra Long
Anti-Hair fall 2,700.00 Extra Long
Repair (TIGI) 2,500.00 Extra Long
Moroccan Oil Lite 2,700.00 Extra Long
Absolute Repair 3,500.00 Extra Long
Cysteine 13,000.00 Extra Long
Keratine 11,000.00 Extra Long
Kera Smooth 15,000.00 Extra Long
Anti Dandruff With Machine 1,500.00
Loreal 4,000.00 Short
Loreal 6,000.00 Medium
Loreal 8,000.00 Long
Loreal 10,000.00 Extra Long
Wella 4,500.00 Short
Wella 6,500.00 Medium
Wella 8,500.00 Long
Wella 10,500.00 Extra Long
Schwarzkopf 5,000.00 Short
Schwarzkopf 7,000.00 Medium
Schwarzkopf 9,000.00 Long
Schwarzkopf 12,000.00 Extra Long
Loreal 5,000.00 Short
Loreal 7,500.00 Medium
Loreal 10,000.00 Long
Loreal 12,000.00 Extra Long
Wella 5,500.00 Short
Wella 8,000.00 Medium
Wella 11,000.00 Long
Wella 13,000.00 Extra Long
Schwarzkopf 6,000.00 Short
Schwarzkopf 9,000.00 Medium
Schwarzkopf 12,000.00 Long
Schwarzkopf 15,000.00 Extra Long
Fashion Highlights (Per Streak) 600.00 Short
Fashion Highlights (Per Streak) 800.00 Medium
Fashion Highlights (Per Streak) 1,000.00 Long
Fashion Highlights (Per Streak) 1,200.00 Extra Long
Highlights (Per streak) 300.00 Short
Highlights (Per streak) 400.00 Medium
Highlights (Per streak) 500.00 Long
Highlights (Per streak) 700.00 Extra Long
Root Touchup (With Ammonia) 1,200.00 Short
Root Touchup (With Ammonia) 1,200.00 Medium
Root Touchup (With Ammonia) 1,200.00 Long
Root Touchup (With Ammonia) 1,200.00 Extra Long
Root Touchup (Without Ammonia) 1,500.00 Short
Root Touchup (Without Ammonia) 1,500.00 Medium
Root Touchup (Without Ammonia) 1,500.00 Long
Root Touchup (Without Ammonia) 1,500.00 Extra Long
Full Hair Color (With Ammonia) 2,500.00 Short
Full Hair Color (With Ammonia) 3,500.00 Medium
Full Hair Color (With Ammonia) 4,500.00 Long
Full Hair Color (With Ammonia) 5,500.00 Extra Long
Full Hair Color (Without Ammonia) 4,000.00 Short
Full Hair Color (Without Ammonia) 5,000.00 Medium
Full Hair Color (Without Ammonia) 6,000.00 Long
Full Hair Color (Without Ammonia) 7,000.00 Extra Long
Highlights (Full) 5,000.00 Short
Highlights (Full) 6,000.00 Medium
Highlights (Full) 7,000.00 Long
Highlights (Full) 9,000.00 Extra Long
Ombre 5,000.00 Short
Ombre 6,000.00 Medium
Ombre 7,000.00 Long
Ombre 9,000.00 Extra Long
Balayage 5,000.00 Short
Balayage 7,000.00 Medium
Balayage 9,000.00 Long
Balayage 11,000.00 Extra Long

*GST to be charged separately.

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